Andrei is a qualified piano teacher, specialising with piano for beginners. He is dedicated to provide you with an excellent quality service in piano learning. Andrei teaches people of all ages, and understands that there are different reasons why people take up learning the piano, may it be recreational and/or professional.

Piano lessons in your home

You have an opportunity to learn piano at the comfort of your own home, without the worry of travel. For further information on lessons, please visit the Contact page.

Learning piano

People often feel excited taking on an enjoyable hobby or beginning a new creative journey that will benefit them both physically and mentally. Learning piano is a great way to have fun, playing enjoyable pieces while challenging and developing yourself. Some studies suggest that learning piano increases performance levels at school, through cognitive development, discipline and attention to detail.

Reasons why you should learn piano

  • Learning piano is known for increased cognitive development (especially with children), while strongly improving attention to detail.
  • Regular practice will mature an individual’s discipline, which can benefit them in other areas of life.
  • Playing or producing music can relieve anxiety and stress, allowing your mind to refocus.
  • The biggest reason of all why you should learn piano, is that it’s enjoyable!